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About us

Frank Feldmann is an authorized guide and licensed outfitter living remote in a small Inuit settlement with only 60 citizens, located in the best hunting area of Greenland. He has organized and guided expeditions since 1981 and as a experienced and dedicated bow hunter he is also largely responsible for the legalization of bow hunting musk ox and caribou. 

The grazing conditions in this remote area is the main reason these prehistoric animals are up to 1000 pounds in body size- 20 % heavier than from other areas. 95% are bowhunters and the average muskox trophy score is 100". Pope and Young 90" Muskox guarantee. Caribou is classified by Pope and Young as Central Barren Ground Canada Caribou. 

Our hunting camp is located close to the magnificent Ice Cap from where you will see big trophy bulls thriving. The cabin is equipped with all we need, see pics from hunting camp here. /image/catalog/Greenland Outfitters Cabin.pdf
A Bowhuntinggreenland trip is a most unique escape from everyday life. These uncommon trips attract a group of like-minded people. People sharing experience, challenges, adventures and discoveries on an isolated journey create strong bonds and friendships. Hunting in Greenland the wilderness is powerful and makes us feel small, its silence leads us back to where we come from.

In Greenland nature prevails- using only quality equipment the hunts are carried out as smooth and comfortably as possibleThe strong population with many big trophy bulls, scenery and the quality of the hunt- makes it all worth it. All on the hunt is included: tags, gov/admin fees, charter, cabin overnights/food, taxes and permits.

When you contact us you are dealing with friendly people who run your trip, not a travel agency. Assistance with flight plans and personal equipment- we will meet you at the airport and take care of everything from your arrival to departure in Greenland. A close dialog before, during and after your hunt is essential to us, we are always prepared to talk about your hunt and help you in any way we can. > Find us on Google maps

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