• Flyfishing in Greenland
    Arctic char flyfishing trips in Greenland
  • Arctic char flyfishing trips in Greenland
    Fly fishing in Greenland
  • Here you can walk all day from pool to pool alone with your fly rod
    Arctic char flyfishing trips Greenland
  • Fly fishing Arctic Char in Greeland during hunting trips
  • Fly fishing Arctic Char in Greeland for only 6 rods
    Arctic char flyfishing in Greenland
  • The river of no name!
    Arctic char fly fishing in Greenland
  • Arctic Char
    Arctic Char fly fishing Greenland
  • Fly fishing in the wilderness of Greenland
    Fly fishing in the wilderness of Greenland
  • Arctic Char Fly fishing river
    Fly fishing arctic char
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  • Flyfishing Greenland
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  • Greenland fly fishing arctic char
    Greenland fly fishing arctic char
  • Arctic char stable stocks
  • Fly Fishing at the river of No Name
  • Arctic Char pools everywhere
  • Here you can fly fish all day on your own
  • Fly fishing camps in Greenland
  • At the hot spring on the way back

Fishing in Greenland

Thousands of arctic char are running the rivers from the early summer. You can see the silvery fish swim upriver at high tides and there is therefore a constant migration of char from the sea. Farther out in the season, you will find stable stocks further up river, in their characteristic strong red/orange colors. Larger bottom-feeding fish in lakes and rivers develop the characteristic hooked jaw. 

Among many rivers we have found what makes this part of Greenland the dream for any angler. Far from civilization in a fantastic landscape we are happy to now offer one of the few still untouched arctic char rivers existing. Pools stretches far into the mountains and within the first 5 km hiking distance, you find pools with fish up to +3 kg. Late in the season we find salmons in the river. 

Located in the area noted for spectacular scenery, wildlife and fishing for legendary wild arctic char, Greenland Outfitters is a professional service hosting South Greenland´s finest wilderness fly fishing and outdoor experiences. From mid July to mid September you can fly fish all by yourself, landing plenty of chars. Their fighting ability is legendary.

Fly fishing Greenland - Untouched arctic char river in Greenland! 

6 days in camp and up to 5 persons at our fly camp. € 2.250

We’ll back you up - Adventures at the edge of civilization can seem challenging to prepare for. When you contact us you are dealing with friendly people who run your trip, not a travel agency. Assistance with flight plans, clothing and equipment planning. Greenland Outfitters organises high quality fishing at competitive prices.

Call us or mail us on 011 299 68 50 50 or mail@greenlandoutfitters.com

Flyfishing in Greenland

Day 1.
Flight arrive in Narsarsuaq at 18.10 pm. Transfer buss to the hotel located 5 minutes away. It is always a good idea in Greenland to have a day extra, to allow for changes due to the weather. This will allow you to see more of Greenland. Do not miss the historical Viking places.

Day 2.
At high tide the charter boat will take you on a very scenic boat ride all the way to our camp. When arriving at the camp the guide welcome you with lunch, and plenty of it. After you have settled into the camp, you tackle up your gear and fish until nightfall.

Day 3-7.
During these days you can fish the whole day, exploring the magnificent river of South Greenland. The camp leader serves breakfast and dinner. During the day we make packed lunch.

Day 8.
You can fish couple of hours in the morning, before the boat takes us back at high tide

Day 9.
Fly back home.


  • 6 nights in the wilderness
  • Guide
  • License
  • Boat transfers
  • VAT, special scheme for travel agencies
  • Product liability insurance

Not included:

  • Return trip to Greenland
  • Catering in addition to the above
  • Personal expenses
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • All that was not described under “included”
  • All prices are per person

Fishing in Greenland

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Bowhunting Greenland 

Outfitter - Frank Feldmann

Frank Feldmann test
Guide and owner of Greenland Outfitters and bowhuntinggreenland.com
Cell: 011 299 284 851
Office: 011 299 685 050

Flyfishing testimonials

Meine Reise nach Grönland 2014 verlief nach genauer Koordination per email gut organisiert und war ein spezielles Erlebnis. Bei der Anreise per  Boot von Qaqortoq ins Camp ging es an spektakulären Eisbergen vorbei.  Nach 3 Stunden Schifffahrt wurden wir an der Flussmündung von unserer freundlichen Camp Managerin Rikke in Empfang genommen.  Es gab morgens im Küchenzelt volles "Buffet" und abends auf unseren Wunsch  grönländische Küche  mit Saibling, Pilzen und Moschusochse.
Das Fliegenfischen auf arktische Saiblinge war überragend gut, sowohl was die Menge an Fischen als auch die Kampfkstärke betraf. Das Tal war so lange, dass wir den Fluss in einer Woche nicht vollständig befischten.
Insgesamt gilt mein Dank Frank Feldmann , Mette und Rikke.
Mag man kampfstarke Fische und  naturbelassene Umgebung ,so kann ich diese Reise nur empfehlen. 
Helmut Scheidl