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Together with the other information on www.bowhuntinggreenland.com and information in the programs, price list, offers, itineraries and other travel documentation, these general terms and conditions form the basis of the agreement between the customer and Bowhunting Greenland, CIF. No. 32460887

Bowhunting Greenland organizes guided hunting and guided or independent fishing trips.

Registration is binding on the customer when the customer has given verbal or written notification to Bowhunting Greenland or its agent that they wish to make a booking. Registration is binding on Bowhunting Greenland when the deposit or the payment determined by Bowhunting Greenland or its agent has been received on time and in accordance with the invoice. By registering, the customer confirms at the same time that they have accepted the conditions of travel notified in this document and/or on www.bowhuntinggreenland.com and/or the program and price lists received by mail. Furthermore, it is expected that the customer is familiar with the general and publicly available information relating to climate conditions in their chosen travel destination at the chosen time.

The basic cost of a trip includes services that will be specified for each individual travel destination.

Unless stated to the contrary on the invoice, upon registration for a trip, a deposit of 50% of the price for the trip, excluding air transportation, is paid. If registration takes place less than 120 days before departure, the whole cost of the trip is paid upon registration.

The outstanding amount must be paid no later than 120 days before the day of departure unless indicated otherwise on the invoice.

Additional Caribou $3,000. 
Additional Muskox $3,000.

Its possible to purchase a additional tag, if we are not able to recover a animal that draws blood as long as we have more tags available.

All import taxes, local transport and taxidermy in the client home country are paid by the client.

Bowhunting Greenland offers to help with shipment of trophies close to the actual expences. If a client does not want to make use of Bowhunting Greenlands shipment help, it is the client's own responsibility to get the ­trophies home.

Bowhunting Greenland recommends the client to take out a trophy shipping insurance and takes no responsibility in case of loss or damage during the shipping and taxidermy. Its clients own responsibility to take out relevant trophy shipping insurance, which covers shipping of the trophies in case of loss or damage.

Unless indicated to the contrary, the following applies: If the customer cancels more than 12 month before the hunt, a charge of 25% of the hunt, excluding the cost of any air transportation, is payable. If the customer cancels less than 12 months before departure, the 50% deposit is not refundable, or the deposit can be carried forward to the next calendar year at full price for that year. Cancellation less than 3 month before the hunt will result in a charge of 100% of the hunt. Flight ticket is not included in the arrangement; it is not possible to refund this cost if the ticket has already been issued at the time of cancellation. In this case, the ticket is the property of the customer, regardless of whether or not the customer cancels the rest of the arrangement.

The customer is responsible for taking out their own sickness cancellation insurance through a travel insurance company such as ripcord.com.
Such policies cover the customer's costs in the event of cancellation if participation in the trip is made impossible or hindered significantly on the grounds of death or serious illness/injury requiring admission to hospital, best ordered by a doctor or comparable cases relating to the customer him/herself, his/her spouse/co-habitué, parents, parents-in-law, children, grandchildren, siblings, grandparents, brother/sister-in-law or travel companion.
The customer is responsible for paying their own costs in the event of sickness, admission to hospital etc. during the trip. Therefore, it is recommended that the customer takes out travel insurance to cover these and other costs in the event of an accident or death, treatment for illness, transportation home and loss or damage to baggage. Your insurance must also cover the full cost for a expedition hunt in Greenland, including rescue by helicopter.

It is the customer's responsibility to ensure that they have a valid passport and visa and have obtained any vaccinations required for completion of the trip. The name on the flight ticket must always agree with the name on the traveler's passport. Since, more often than not, it is not possible to change names on flight tickets after registration and any discrepancy between the name on a flight ticket and the name on a passport can lead to the passenger not being allowed to check-in for the flight, it is the customer's responsibility to ensure that the first names and surnames of all participants notified upon registration are correct and agree with all first names and surnames on the participants' passports. Similarly, immediately upon receipt of the travel documentation, it is the customer's responsibility to check that these agree with the names on the booking and that all first names and surnames on the tickets and other travel documents are correct and in agreement with one another. Bowhunting Greenland accepts no responsibility for the consequences of incorrect or incomplete information being provided.

The customer takes full responsibility for travelling into the wilderness on their own conduct while staying there. Bowhunting Greenland cannot be held responsible for the customer's conduct. The customer is responsible for his/her own safety throughout the entire trip, boat transfers included.

Due to rules applying to services provided by sub-suppliers used by Bowhunting Greenland it is not necessarily possible to transfer the trip to another person. If it is possible to transfer the trip to another person, Bowhunting Greenland will arrange this upon payment of a supplementary fee.

The customer is responsible for arranging their own flight transportation. On request by the client Bowhunting Greenland can assist the customer arrange transportation by air. With regards to liability for checked-in luggage, reference should be made to the terms and conditions of the airline in question. Airline luggage restrictions on the aircraft between Iceland and Greenland are 44 pounds of check in luggage + 13 pounds of carrying hand luggage. Air Iceland is not responsible for covering costs of delivering luggage from airport to the client in the hunting areas, if a luggage delay is caused by overload. We advice our clients to book overload luggage beforehand at Air Iceland website. Transport of delayed luggage to hunting/fishing grounds has to be paid by the client only. Bowhunting Greenland accepts no responsibility for transportation and acts solely as an intermediary between the transport provider and the customer. Bowhuntinggreenland charter the boat and helicopter transportation to hunting camp. The customer takes full responsibility for travelling on their own conduct by air and by boat. Bowhunting Greenland cannot be held responsible for the customer's conduct during transportation by air and by boat.

Before the excursion takes place, Greenland Outfitters / Bowhuntinggreenland reserves the right to demand that our guests, purchasing the excursions directly at our shop, to sign a waiver of liability, based on our business conditions. For guests that purchase the excursion using the web page or by e-mail, the waiver of liability is approved upon payment. If you book the excursions on behalf of others, we require that you have the authority to approve of these conditions and the waiver of liability for all participants of the group. You can download the waiver of liability here

All taxes and charges that may or must be charged from the customer's home country are included in the price of the trip. However, in many countries there may be airport or tourist taxes that must be paid locally in cash. The individual countries have complete discretion over the changing or introduction of new taxes and charges at extremely short notice or without any notice at all. The customer has no right to claim a refund of any such taxes and charges.

If the customer has not cancelled the trip and/or does not turn up at the time and place indicated for the outward or return journey, or the customer is unable to commence or complete the trip as a result of missing travel documentation, including flight tickets, vouchers, a valid passport, necessary visa, vaccination certificates etc. Bowhunting Greenland is entitled to charge the total cost of the trip. Should the customer fail to appear for transportation at the time/place indicated or in any other way fails to use the services that have been booked, they are not entitled to claim any reimbursement for the unused services, and will have to rebook and pay for airfare, hotel, meals, and charter helicopter or boat transport to hunting camp.

Any claims arising during the course of the trip must be made to the relevant airline company, Bowhunting Greenland representative or agent on the spot within a reasonable period of time of the customer discovering the problem so that a solution can be found immediately and with as little inconvenience to the customer as possible. The customer must ensure that he/she has proof to substantiate their claim if the problem cannot be rectified on the spot and if the customer wishes to raise a claim for compensation against Bowhunting Greenland at a later date. Failure to make a claim on time and a lack of proof will often result in the customer foregoing the right to claim compensation at a later date. Claims relating to faults/ shortcomings that cannot be resolved on the spot must be in the hands of Bowhunting Greenland within a reasonable period of time following completion of the trip.

Bowhunting Greenland accepts no responsibility for agreements/promises that have been entered into between a travel agent and the customer, without Bowhunting Greenland knowledge, if the trip or part of the trip has been purchased from a travel agent other than Bowhunting Greenland. Bowhunting Greenland accepts no responsibility for any changes, delays etc. resulting from a breach of agreement, strikes, weather or other conditions over which Bowhunting Greenland has no control. Bowhunting Greenland will not accept responsibility for baggage that has been stolen, partially or completely destroyed or is lost or goes missing in any other way.

Bowhunting Greenland reserves the right to make any changes necessitated by lack of/cancelled connections or for other reasons. If the customer subsequently does not wish to participate in the trip, the amount paid will be refunded. However, the customer cannot make any further claims in relation to the aborted trip. Bowhunting Greenland can cancel a planned trip with 20 days' notice. If Bowhunting Greenland is unable to offer a suitable substitute trip, the amount paid will be refunded. However, the customer cannot raise any further claim for compensation in respect of the cancelled trip.

Bowhunting Greenland claims the right to make changes on www.bowhuntinggreenland.com. Any errors made during printing on www.bowhuntinggreenland.com are not the responsibility of Bowhunting Greenland.

Complaints can be settled by the court in Greenland, jf. Den civile Retspleje s. 230

Bowhunting Greenland draws your attention to the fact that there is copyright on all the photographs on the website.

Updated August 24, year 2018