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Muskox bow hunting in Greenland

Musk ox hunting concession at the Arctic Circle

We are opening another scenic area, with our new experienced bow hunting guides. Helicopter transfers to our remote untouched hunting area with Big Trophies, and 100% Muskox hunters success rate.

In the 1960s a number of Muskoxen were moved from Northeastern Greenland to excellent feeding conditions on the west coast. The grazing is one of the reasons for these over-size muskox we hunt in this region, some animals are up to 20% heavier. With a population of 22.000 Muskoxen, and 13.000 Central Barren Ground Canada Caribou, this hunting area is abundant, and has the highest density in Greenland. By helicopter we take you to the most remote, and spectacular game country with only us and a lot of Muskox and Caribou. Specialized in bow hunting, more days to hunt, and quality equipment only - makes a true bow hunting expedition experience.

Instead of hunting out of a single area, we cruise by boat covering a lot of country spotting the very best trophies. We hunt with smaller groups and this is the way to see Greenland’s wildlife. Average range for Muskox is 25 yards, and Frank Feldmann is a dedicated and experienced bowhunter and guide. He and his team know the behaivour of the animals, terrain, and do the field work after the trophies are harvested. Caping these prehistoric animals for a shoulder or full mount, trophies are shipped to your home country.

Specialized in Archery we only offer high quality Musk ox hunting expeditions, and 95% of our hunters are bow. In Greenland Muskox hunting with compound bow was legalized in 2012, Caribou came a year after in 2013, and Frank Feldmann is largely responsible for these two legalizations. If you do not have a bow hunting license in your home country, Frank Feldmann is authorized to issue his clients with the required bow hunting licenses.




Muskox Hunting Expedition

Helicopter transfers to areas with Big Trophies on a quality hunt.

Muskox Hunting 6 day expedition is $ 6,450 plus $ 2,000 helicopter charter fee, and $ 1,500 Gov tag/trophy fee.

Muskox is 100% hunters success and recovery rate. P&Y minimum is 90" and average score is 100".
Arctic Char fishing - Free of charge.
Additional Musk ox tags available.

Musk ox and Caribou Combo Hunting Expeditions

Helicopter charter to remote areas with BIG Trophy Bulls plus a quality hunting opperation.
Muskox and Caribou Hunting 7 day expedition is $11,450 plus $ 2,000 helicopter charter fee, and $ 1,500 Gov tag/trophy fee.

Specialized in bow Musk ox success rate has so far been 100% hunters success, Caribou success rate is almost 100%
P&Y minimum is 90" and average score is 100". Additional Musk ox and Caribou tags available.
Arctic Char fishing - No charge.

Two Sept 2019 Combo slots available

Total flight cost is from $1,500 to $2,000. America to Keflavik or Copenhagen from $550 to $1,000. Keflavik or Copenhagen to Greenland $800 to $1,200.

We’ll back you up
- Hunting expeditions at the edge of civilization can seem challenging to prepare for. When you contact us you are dealing with friendly people who actually run your hunt. We will assist with flight plan, and set up your entire travel / equipment plan for the hunt, including Trophy follow up after your hunt- No charge. Everything during your stay in Greenland is well taken care of.
Please contact us with any questions you may have: [email protected] 

Muskox and Caribou hunting in Greenland
Itinerary - Combo Hunt

Day 1.
Our representative will welcome you at the airport and take you to the hotel. It is always a good idea to have one extra day to allow for changes due to the weather.

Day 2.
In the morning the helicopter takes us to our remote camp with a very high density of old mature Trophy bulls. Our back country camp is scenic located in great game country, at an Arctic Char creek, and helicopter is the only way to get there. At camp we have everything we need to make our stay comfortable. Continental breakfast and tasty dinners are prepared from fresh ingredients, supplemented with game, fish and wine for dinner - during the day we make packed lunch. We have a Rinihart target in camp, and we start Muskox hunting after early brunch.

Day 3-4.
Muskox hunting is first priority, and hunter´s success rate is 100% with bow and arrow. Our remote hunting area has a Trophy size and animal density unique for all of Greenland. We spot the best Muskox bulls cruising by boat, and each day we see many herds with full-grown Trophy Bulls. We split the group 2 on 1, and when a big Muskox bull is spotted, the 1 on 1 stalk begins. A big Muskox Trophy bull only has a 9"x9" kill zone for bow, and the shaggy coat and heavy bone structure makes the  further front and highed arrow placement look deceiving. Bow hunting these animals you want close range. Facing a prehistoric Muskox bull at the average 25-yard range provides anyone with a true bow action adrenaline experience. We usually tag out for Muskox a day early, moving to Caribou hunting.

Day 5-7.
Central Barren Ground Canada Caribou walk and stalk exploring seldom-hunted country. Hunting big Caribou with bow and arrow in high country is a true Bowhunt, and you need to be in Sheep Shape. The animals do not have particularly sharp sight, the best chances occur when the animals are feeding or bedded, and success rate i very high. We cover more country with a lightweight day-backpack. From early September antlers are clean, the rutting bulls can move down lower, and stalks can be less physical demanding. Preparing for 60 yard is recommended.
The local tongue is Tuttu, and Greenland is part of the North American continent. We usually tag out early, and fish for Arctic Char the last days. It´s also possible to purchase an additional Muskox and Caribou Trophy bull.

Day 8.
Last day, the helicopter takes us back to civilization in the morning. Fly back or see more of Greenland.

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Included in the total $ 14,950 / All on the hunt included

  • Muskox Gov Tag/Trophy Fee included
  • Caribou Gov Tag/Trophy Fee included
  • Helicopter charter Fee included
  • Taxes 42% included
  • Local payroll.Included
  • Accommodation and meals at camp with wine for dinner included
  • Paper work to bring in your weapon, flight plan, luggage, hotel reservations, fishing license, equipment planning and travel back up included
  • Export Trophy documents to Eurpoe included
  • Product liability insurance included

Not included

  • Airfare round trip to Greenland, and hotel lay over
  • Trophy handling, crating, shipping, import taxes and taxidermist
  • Travel and cancellation insurance
  • Gratitude
  • All that was not described under “included”
  • All prices are per person


Muskox and/or Caribou hunting in Greenland - Booking

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Bowhunting Greenland 

Outfitter - Frank Feldmann

Frank Feldmann
Guide and owner of Greenland Outfitters and bowhuntinggreenland.com
Cell: 011 299 284 851
Office: 011 299 685 050
[email protected]

Hunting testimonials

Just wrapped up a wonderful week of hunting Muskox and Caribou with Frank Feldmann's Bowhunting Greenland. Have to say it was one of my all-time favorite hunts. The country is absolutely amazing, the hunting is outstanding, and Frank's team will take excellent care of you. Our group tagged-out early on fine trophies, so we were able to relax and fish for cod, char, and salmon. We had an overall great experience in one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. Add Greenland to your list of future hunting destinations!
Jeff Waring, Publisher, Bowhunter Magazine & TV

When I travel to bowhunt I'm looking for a great hunt as well as new and adventurous experiences. That is exactly what Greenland and outfitter Frank Feldman offer. You know you're on an adventure when you're dodging icebergs and watching an active glacier dump giant slabs of ancient ice into the fjord. Add in the bowhunting for seemingly prehistoric muskox, which is as close to a slam dunk as any hunt you'll find, and you have the kind of expedition all bowhunters dream of. I killed my first muskox and a beautiful reindeer against the backdrop of the Sermeriasuk glacier. What a great experience! What spectacular memories!
Curt Wells, Editor, Bowhunter Magazine

"I've hunted all over the world and this is one of the best hunting experiences I've ever had. Great people, and unbelievable trophy quality. Frank will take great care of you!" 
Phil Phillips, guide, outfitter and outdoor TV host  

Hunting with Frank Feldmann of Greenland Outfitters was just the best. I was blown away by the quantity and quality of trophy muskox we saw in just two days! If anyone is looking for a muskox hunt they would be crazy not to book with Frank. This is way better than any other muskox hunt in the Northwest Territories and the add-ons of Reindeer, Char fishing, and small game hunting make it even more attractive. Frank and Greenland Outfitters get my highest recommendation.
Pat Lefemine, Bowsite.com

Thanks again for an incredible hunt.  Spot and stalk hunting for musk ox in Greenland has to be one of the most under-rated hunts I've ever experienced!  Without a doubt, it was a hunt of a lifetime...and yes, I've been on a number of these hunts!
CJ Winand
, Bowhunter.com contributor

Very well done!
Bob Delaney

I bowhunted muskox with Frank Feldman in July 2016.  Everything about the hunt was top-notch, and Frank is an excellent guide and host. Muskox were abundant in the hunting area and I took a very good trophy bull. My wife came as a non-hunting observer and she enjoyed herself very much. We thought the camp was great and the food was among the best we ever had on a hunting trip. There is also excellent fishing in the area. I would strongly recommend this hunt."  
J. Tibor Verebes, SCI NY/Tri-State Board Member.

"As a Hunting Show Host I have had the good fortune to be able to travel all over the world bowhunting for big game. I would have to say with all honesty, my Greenland Muskox Hunt with Frank Feldmann ranks right at the top of my list. The numbers of Muskox and Caribou were amazing, and the scenery was spectacular! I can't wait to go back..."
Joe Thomas, Ohio, Host of "Ultimate Hunting"

Bowhunting in Greenland with Frank Feldman is a must do trip for anyone looking to hunt Muskox. On the boat ride to camp, my first thoughts of Greenland were "raw & untouched". The mountains, clear blue water & icebergs makes for spectacular scenery. The Muskox are everywhere in the area and trophy quality is as good as it gets. The food and accommodations were better than expected for such a remote location. The Muskox steaks and fresh caught Cod were excellent. Frank and his staff give 100% effort to make sure everyone has a great hunt. All hunters is our group were successful and agreed that this is truly a special, once in a lifetime hunt. 
Randy Steverson

I have been blessed with the opportunities to hunt several times in Africa, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Alaska but hunting with Frank in Greenland was truly a lifetime hunting high. Everything was first cabin from the excellent personal to the quality of Muskox. I doubt you could find a more unique part of the world to experience with its icebergs, glaciers and the variety of terrain. The experience was enhanced by the opportunity in many cases to observe fellow hunters from the boat as they stalked their animals. Having Frank, who is an avid bow hunter, as your one on one guide provided the insight necessary to be successful. Quality of trophies taken were well above expectations all exceed 107 points. I would highly recommend taking advantage of hunting with Frank and his crew, opportunities like this for record animals are few and should not be missed.
Ron Johnson Hamilton, SCI writer

Byron and I had a great trip and could not have been more impressed with you and your operation. You know bow hunting, your area, your boat, your water ways and the animals we hunted. Nobody would be better for this than you. I will recommend you to everyone. I just want to come back again.
Jay Kurelich

I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel and hunt around the world but hunting with Frank in Greenland was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Frank and his team have a rare mix of exceptional hunting skills and a true love for nature and the environment. They take extraordinary steps to preserve the environment, scenery, and the quality of the trophies for generations to come. I was impressed with the quality and quantity of the animals we saw and harvested with our group each shooting a musk Ox and a Caribou. Our animals included a Boone and Crockett Musk Ox and potentially the new rifle World Record Arctic Island Caribou.  I personally passed on two caribou over 350 inches. I would highly recommend booking a hunt with Frank and his team, opportunities like this are limited and should not be missed.
Todd Welda

I would highly recommend this incredible hunting adventure in Greenland. The logistics of just getting to camp are something that needs attention to detail and excellent communication. Frank was always quick to answer or handle any issue that arose. This hunt is truly the hunt of a lifetime. The camp is comfortable, the food is good, the hunting top notch and the scenery incredible. If you do this hunt, you WILL NOT regret it. 
Brian Taylor, Tn

The hunting experience that Frank Feldmann of Greenland Outfitters provided surpassed my expectations. The experience Frank and his staff provided for me in Greenland has made the trip one of my favorite life experiences. This time spent in Greenland hunting musk ox and fishing cod quickly became the pinnacle sporting experience for me.  The camp was comfortable, clean, and offered a warm, cozy break from the elements one can experience during an arctic hunt. All boats were clean and in full working order with adequate space and safety gear. The food both in camp and provided for lunches was too notch. Frank does not cut corners on hospitality.
Steve Shifflett

My opportunity to schedule a world class hunt is limited due to time constraints. Arriving in camp after a 4 hour trip on a 27 ft. skiff through the Fiords, I met Frank. I successfully harvested 2 record book Muskox with my bow. Both well above Pope & Young standards, and in between hunting, we fished for Arctic Char and Cod. Frank Feldman is a Bowhunter by nature, and avid outdoorsman, a knowledgable guide, and Historian. This was a bowhunting trip of a lifetime. He is the best!
Respectfully, Bill Dzyak

I have been blessed to participate in 30+ guided archery hunts, and I always want to know the background of the hunter, as it helps me understand their experience level. In July 2017, we harvested two trophy muskox and one central barren ground caribou with Frank’s BowhuntingGreenland operation which ranks at the top of the list. Frank´s hunting areas faces very little hunting pressure, and the abundance of trophy quality muskox and caribou is astounding. When compared to other North American hunts, where trophy game may take several days to spot, that’s simply not the case. Frank is also very helpful in selecting trophy animals, in his spectacular country that rivals any scenery I have ever witnessed. He has travel times & arrangements squared away so all the hunter needs to do is follow the schedule. The adventure, fun, scenery, comfortable cabin, excellent food and game quality are all truly first class. Frank a super person, humble, experienced, and a pleasure to hunt with. Please do not hesitate to contact me about hunting with Frank Feldmann.
Ted Carlson