Bow hunting equipment list for muskox and caribou expedition hunts in Greenland

When bowhunting in Greenland, whether you’re hunting Musk or Caribou, you’ll learn that boots is the single most important piece of equipment. On it everything depends: your feet, ankles, knees, back, neck, your hunt and your life! Hunting with sore and wet feet is not fun and in some cases dangerous.

Clothing in layers. Your clothing must breathe, be quiet, comfortable and wick the moisture your body generates. If you sweat, you freeze!

For Mountain Hunts the outer shell should be quiet and wind proof. Waterproffed long johns from Kuiu with wool pants and suspenders, wool shirt, medium-weight wool jacket. Inside rain wear also for wind underneath the outer camo jacket/shirt and pants + camo headcover.

Camo shirt and pants + camo headcover
Thick merino wool hiking socks - 3 pair 
Hiking boots, if new break them before the hunt, small gaffatape/compead for blisters
Shoe cream + disinfectant cream blisters
Light shoes
Knee pads
Rainwer jacket and pants. Kuiu Yukon rain gear is recommended 
Merino wool underwear - 2 long + 4 short   
Merino wool underwear 3-4 Tshirt
Merino wool shirt 2 medium-weight + 1 thick  
Scarf small
Range Finder               
Bow + arrows + broadheads + equipment tools  
Hunting knife
Head flashlight
Water is to find everywhere during hunting           
String 20 meter
Inner sheet for the sleeping bag
Personal medicine
Tooth brush, tooth paste, small shampoo
Lip balm with sun factor
Sun protection high factor
Mosquito spray + head cover net
Energy pills to give you extra power for the trip
230/120 volt / US vs EU adapter, for charging your camera

Thinking about equipment and its related bulk and weight, think small, light, yet top quality for performance and diversity. Good things in life are generally expensive. Finding the perfect equipment that will do it all and last a lifetime, is important.