Bowhunting in Greenland

Bowhunting Greenland is an approved and registered outfitter company located remote in the best hunting area of Greenland offering only authentic spot and stalk Muskox and Caribou expedition hunts. As an experienced bowhunter Frank Feldmann has been part of the legalization process in Greenland for Muskox and Caribou with bow and arrow, and he has organized and guided wilderness expeditions since 1981. Specialized in spot and stalk bowhunting, 95% of our hunters are bow. 

If you are willing to go further away from civilization, to our rarely visited hunting areas, Greenland is truly an awesome wilderness expedition muskox and caribou hunting experience!

Muskox Hunting in Greenland 

Early summer is the time of the year, the Muskoxen move down out of the highest ranges for better feeding closer to the sea. The Greenland muskoxen living in our southern region 11 are larger than those found in other areas of Greenland, the feeding conditions in the milder climate produces a body weight of up to 1000 pounds and exceptional trophies. Cruising the coastline we cover a great deal of country excellent for Muskox hunting, and with the extra time in the Muskox hunt clients consistently entering their trophies into the record books. As Muskox hunts are conducted mainly by boat only a limited amount of hiking is required for the final stalk. We are always able to take you within a close range thrill bow shot action- with a big trophy bull as a bonus!

While the hunt is listed as five days, actual hunting time may be less, due to the abundance of game. After your hunt enjoy the company of the other hunters in our cabin and swap stories and adventures. If you tag out early we go fishing for cod, arctic char and enjoy the unspoiled spectacular area. The Inuit call the muskox, "umimmak" which means "skin like a beard" as a description of this shaggy beast, and a throw-back to the ice age. Bowhuntinggreenland has 100 percent hunter success since we did the first spot and stalk muskox test bowhunt. We have a number of tags for Arctic Island Caribou / Central Barren Ground Canada - to make for a combo hunt.

Caribou Hunting 

The ideal time for archery include the high country Reindeer hunts in August, where you’ll be able to cover a great deal of country hunting Reindeer on foot without packing heavy loads on your back. We hunt in the most unique mountain areas, some are easy to get to and some are not! We are here to provide you with an opportunity to enjoy this experience with us, and to explore seldom hunted country. Later in the season from mid September, the caribou begin to move down out of the summer ranges at the cooling Ice Cap for better feeding, and closer to the sea to lick salt in the early mornings. 

The Caribou hunting is more doable for most bowhunters during the rut in September and October, where hikes are shorter, antlers clean, and the bulls easier to stalk. You can expect us to provide an honest effort, cabin with everything we need, quality gear, a qualified guide as well as every effort to position you in the right place at the right time for a shooting oppertuinty at a good bull. Among many record book trophies we have SCI Archery and Rifle World Record for "Arctic Island Caribou".

Bowhuntinggreenland Hunts

Anyone booking with us can rest assured knowing that we will do everything possible to provide you with the best hunting experience. Take a look at the pictures, bowhunting videos and Bowhunter Articles and read more about Muskox and Caribou hunts on our website. After that call us or Email us – we are always prepared to talk and answer your questions. 

Caribou hunting

Caribou hunting

The country we hunt is excellent for big Caribou, and consistently produces exceptional trophies. The caribou has the largest rack in relation to body size of any of the North American deer species. On a big bull, the antlers look almost out of proportion to the animal. SCI Gold minimum is 276,8". Pope and Young 300" and the average score in our area is known for being higher. From end of August the full grown antlers are often clean. Field care, frozen storage and safe shipping for your taxidermist to brings back the thrill of the hunt. The elevation is approx 1500 feet, and once on top more hiking is involved- so be in sheep shape for this hunt. We enjoy evenings comfortably at the cabin. 

Caribou hunting

Bowhunting Musk Ox Greenland

Bowhunting Musk Ox Greenland

These bowhunting trips trips are conducted in the Arctic summer in South Greenland, where Muskoxen are noted for their longer curved horns coming back up to eye level or higher, and a thick shaggy coat. Trophy quality is high, and hides are still excellent for quality taxidermy mounts since Arctic animals sustain their long coat throughout the summer months. Their prehistoric and tremendous look makes these ice age animals highly sought after for. Daytime temperatures at this time of the year range from 35ºF sometimes up to 65ºF. We have a cabin with all we need located in the heart of great game country. After the daily Muskox hunts you stay comfortable in our cabin for the duration of your hunt.

Bowhunting Muskox in Greenland