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Article from July 2015 in American Hunters Magazine 

7 day hunt repport on Bowsite

Author Pat Lefemine, Bowsite manager

Spot and stalk musk ox bowhunt in Greenland.
Open article
Author CJ Winand, contributor

Blazer Vanes makes history in Greenland

Author CJ Winand, contributor

A Fin bowhunts in Greenland
By Juha Kylmä, president of the bowhunting federation in Finland

Fly fishing wild arctic char in Greenland

By Michael Müller manager of Fliegenfischer-forum

Hunting in Greenland.

Bowhunting Greenland is an authorized hunting and outfitter company offering Musk Ox and Caribou wilderness hunts. Frank Feldmann recommended the 2013 regulations for musk ox hunting and caribou hunting with bow and arrow in Greenland. We did the first spot and stalk musk ox bowhunt after the legalization, and the caribou test hunt in 2012.

In 2013 hunting caribou beside musk ox is a new hunting oppertunity for bowhunters. In our enormuos hunting areas, large herds of musk oxen and caribou thrives. Our guides know the area extremely well in our unique wilderness hunting areas of Greenland. In addition to the hunting, hunters can go fishing for arctic char on rivers and lakes. The wilderness makes us feel small, meeting its silence leads us back to who we are and where we come from.

For Musk Ox Hunting in Greenland and Caribou hunting in Greenland - we travel to the best wilderness hunting areas, far from civilization. We do our best to provide you with the most unique hunting experience. You are most welcome to call us or mail us for your future hunting trip.